Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 15, 2012 Visit to Little Moab, Utah Area

Little Moab, Utah is located south of Saratoga Springs and north of Elberta. Get there on Highway 68 (Redwood Road). According to Google Maps, the dirt road leading to Little Moab from Highway 68 is located at 40 degrees 03'16.73" N 111 degrees 57'30.33 W.

This is what the turnoff looks like from Redwood Rd (Highway 68):

Road going west from Redwood Road (Highway 68) leading to Little Moab
There is a brown house back away from the road to the west. The map shows that this road is 9600 South Street, although there are no street signs. We traveled west about 4.5 miles on this dirt road and parked near Chimney Rock. There was a wide place to park vehicles here and we unloaded the ATVs.

Chimney Rock Panorama
 Here is a Google map of the area: Click on the markers; they explain where the photos were taken.

Little Moab, Utah Area in a larger map

The upper marker shows the main area considered Little Moab. Off-road jeeps come here to scale the rocks. The next marker down shows Chimney Rock, where we parked. The blue paths show where we took the ATVs. The third marker shows the steep hill my husband climbed, and the bottom marker shows where we photographed the next photo below.

View of Mt. Timpanogos and South end of Utah Lake from old mine

Steep ATV Trail View from Chimney Rock Pass

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